Akhiok (Population: 84)

Situated in Alitak Bay about 98 miles southwest of the city of Kodiak, Akhiok is the most remote village on the island. The shoreline is characterized by narrow rocky beaches. During summer the grassy hills and flatlands that surround the town turn emerald green and burst with colorful wildflowers.  Akhiok was originally established as a sea otter hunting settlement by the Russians.  Today it enjoys a strong sockeye and pink salmon run in its rivers and streams.  The community is also rich in sea mammals and birds and the original village site on the Aliulik Peninsula has a high brown bear density.  Ancient Alutiiq petroglyphs are preserved nearby.  Akhiok enjoys a strong Orthodox faith-based community where the subsistence lifestyle is the norm for the majority of residents.  The community is fortunate to have 22 Alutiiq dancers ranging in age from two years to adult; this group performs for visitors and across the state of Alaska.  Akhiok can only be reached by water or air.