Bear Viewing

Most visitors who take a bear viewing excursion with one of Kodiak’s local guides return saying it was one of the most amazing experiences of their lifetimes….even “life-changing.”   It is a powerful emotional experience to be in the company of the largest bear in the world and there is only one place you can do it:  Kodiak Island.

Bear-viewing is, indeed, one of the most popular activities on Kodiak Island. The best time to see a Kodiak bear is during July, August and September and the best way to do so is in the company of a knowledgeable guide.  Most local air taxis offer half-day viewing trips.  Multi-day bear viewing adventures can be booked with remote lodges. Some boat charters and kayak outfitters specialize in bear and wildlife viewing.  Special use cabins can be reserved through the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge office and through the Alaska State Parks office in Kodiak.  In 2012, the Kodiak Brown Bear Center opened on Karluk Lake, in the heart of the 1.9 million acres of the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge. 

Bears are sometimes seen on the road system.  Should you be fortunate enough to see a bear on one of Kodiak’s roadways, only stop in designated pullouts or parking lots. Stopping on the roadway is illegal and you will be ticketed for doing so.  Do not approach bears.  Use a long-lens to take photographs and travel with binoculars to see bears that may be in the distance.  Even in designated pull-outs, keep alert for high-speed traffic coming from both directions on the highway.

If seeing a Kodiak brown bear is an important component of your Alaska experience, plan ahead, select an outfitter, and book your bear-viewing experience several months in advance. 

Who Can Take You Bear Viewing?

Sea Hawk Air, Inc

Providing safe seaplane charters for Kodiak visitors & locals since 1985. Top rated bear viewing tours on Kodiak Island & Katmai Park professionally guided by Rolan, Willy & Jo. Flight-see beautiful Kodiak: whales, wildlife, fishing & hunting... More »

Kingfisher Aviation

A scenic flight to an uncrowded location to watch bears; it’s about as Alaskan an experience as one can have. And that’s exactly what Kingfisher Aviation provides on its personalized four-hour tours to Kodiak Island or the Katmai Coast... More »

Katmai Wilderness Lodge

WORLD’S MOST SPECTACULAR BEAR VIEWING on the coast of Katmai National Park. Remote lodging, private baths, outstanding meals and professional staff. A true Alaskan experience. 

Spirit of Alaska Wilderness Adventures

Immerse yourself in nature with a wilderness adventure like no other! Choose your own private facility from two distinctly different locations. Fully furnished. Self-catered. A customized, quality experience for YOU is our priority... More »

Ayakulik Adventures

Six day guided fly-fishing, bear viewing, wildlife photography & nature hiking on the remote Ayakulik River. Comfortable lodging, helicopter transportation & professional guide service providing the best fishing and bear viewing in Alaska!

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited

Booking agent for several tour operators. One call will reserve day charters (fishing, bear viewing, dinner-harbor cruises, whale watching and ATV trips).

Adventure Kodiak

Watch and photograph Kodiak bears interact and chase salmon in their natural habitat. Fully guided small group luxary cruise (max. 4), Visit puffin rookery. See birds, whales & other marine mammals... More »

Island Air Service

Locally owned and operated for 30 years, providing daily scheduled flights to remote Kodiak Island villages. Chartered flights to the mainland and to the Alaska Peninsula. Offering customized flightseeing tours and bear viewing trips... More »