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2016-2017 Discover Kodiak Walking Map

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2016-2017 Discover Kodiak Walking Map


For those of you that have visited Kodiak, you are probably familiar with the Downtown Walking Map that Discover Kodiak provides. It is a great way to find landmarks and simply, where you are going or where you want to go. We typically hand them out at the Visitor’s Center but they are also available at some of the businesses marked on the map.

What’s really nice about these Walking Maps is that each business listed also has their address and contact information. If you can’t find them, look at their address or give them a call! It’s easy and very handy. If you look closely, you can see that some roads are marked differently as well. They indicate where the shopping areas are, cultural and where you can go for a nature hike – all starting at the Visitors Center. No need to wonder what part of the map has the best place to do any of that. If you are a cruise ship passenger, it is also really handy so that you don’t have to spend your short time figuring any of that out!

It also provides some information boxes and a legend to assist you on anything else that you may want to see. It gives you some points of interests like pier two dock, “The Mall” and the Post Office. You can also see a few landmarks that helped write out the history of Kodiak Island was like, the Tsunami High Water Markers and the Kodiak Military History Museum.

You can also located Fort Abercrombie State Park that is on the back of the page and see that the Kodiak Military History Museum is on there. Also located on the back are some important numbers that you may need while you are in Kodiak. Taxis, hospital, police department and so on. It also gives you places that offer free Wi-Fi and the Kodiak Island: 5 Top FAQs. It will answer questions like where you can see bears and where you can see whales and other wildlife and other frequently asked questions. The grocery stores are located on the back page so if you ever need to grab a quick snack or need some supplies from Walmart, it’s marked on the map! 

For those of you that are members, you can purchase a flag to place over your business on the map. It is a great way to help visitors and new comers find your business and even let them know that your business exists! It’s also really handy for the staff at the Visitors Center to point out what number you are on the map and to direct them. It is a great way to advertise on a small budge. Get a hold of the ladies at Discover Kodiak and we can help you out with that! Give us a call at (907) 486-4782.

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