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Requesting information on Kodiak Island

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Requesting information on Kodiak Island


Kodiak is a place of imagination, a place that you would not believe until you take your first few steps on the remote island 13,000 people call home. If you step off the plane, you can look to your left and see the massive mountain named Barometer Mountain. If you step off the ferry, you can look directly ahead of you and take a look at Pillar Mountain, which holds our 6 Wind Turbines that makes Kodiak’s 99.8% renewable energy.

If you don’t live in Alaska, it’s easy to say that doing absolutely everything there in a short amount of time could be easy—but it’s not. Alaska is actually a very large state and it takes time to get from city to city and you can often see some wildlife on the side of the road that can put a hold on your travels for at least a few hours. If you look at the photo provided, you can see how big Alaska is compared to the rest of the United States.  The staff at Discover Kodiak is dedicated to help you plan the most amazing trip to Alaska and especially to Kodiak.

If you give us a call at the office, we can definitely give you the low down on how long it takes to get to Kodiak, how you can get to Kodiak, what to do and also where to go. And don’t worry about and strange questions you may have—what you are inquiring about might be a normal thing in Alaska! You can ask us anything about the wildlife, how to view them, where to view them, when to view, what to view and so on. If you call, you can also ask us about RV camping if you don’t feel like staying in one of hotels or many bed & breakfasts we have around the island.

Hopefully you will give us a call and request some information to help you better plan your trip and time up here. We would be very glad to send you a Visitor’s Guide to take some time and read and figure out what interests you. Heck, let us send you a handful so that you can hand them out to your friends and family!


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