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There are always ways to reach out to potential clients every day. Sometimes, you just have to find a way to do it like partnering with another company or even partnering up with a Visitors Bureau to help expand your horizons. You would be able to expose your business more than you would ever think possible, build customer flow and build clients every day!

 Whether you are a member with Discover Kodiak or not, you can still advertise in the yearly Visitors Guide that is released every January. Just by signing up, you will receive a free listing within the Visitors Guide under a category of your choice and it also includes the listing on our website,—which is totally awesome!  Other than the referrals, business/rack card display within the Visitors Center, social media updates, partnering with Alaska travel industries (and so much more that I would need to use up my whole day to mention) the listing is one of my favorite parts! You get to be listed in a magazine that will be used and passed around for years. Kodiak is growing in popularity. Trust me when I say that going remote is starting to trend in tourism for Alaska. . *AHEM KODIAK!*

Every year, the Kodiak Island Visitors Guide prints about 45,000 copies to mail, pass out, and distribute to other Visitor Centers across the state (and sometimes even in the lower 48.) The staff also attends Trade Shows to help spread the word about Kodiak in places like Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and so on! It’s THE perfect way to gain exposure and really get your name out to help promote Kodiak Island as a whole community. We also send Visitor Guides out with members that are participating in shows that Discover Kodiak does not attend. So I guess you can say that we are all over the place! We even print out mini guides to send out to the travelers from across the world that call us for information about our Emerald Isle.

I hope that (if you are not a member already) you decide to pick up a Membership Application at the Visitors Center so that you can sign up as soon as possible. We are here to help you with any questions that you may need and we are also dedicated to help present your business to the world! We are ready to refer you and get you the business that you need to keep you up and running. 

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