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Membership Spotlight: Java Flats

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Membership Spotlight: Java Flats


With all the places to eat in Kodiak and the little time you have, it may be hard for you to pick a place that will make sure to have you leave the island happy.  The Kodiak blogs are here to help you plan your trip to Kodiak as well as give you some great tips & tricks like the local businesses that you can help support like Java Flats.

Java Flats is a locally owned and operated shop that offers wholesome meals, specialty coffee drinks and fresh baked goodies—my favorite being their fresh baked cookies. You can enjoy them in the cozy atmosphere by sitting inside or out on the deck—or take it to go and enjoy the scenery of Bells Flats! There is also the option of calling in ahead of time and picking up your order in the drive through so that you don’t even have to step out of your vehicle. Just make a quick stop and go on with your journey or park at the beach and enjoy.

If you decide to stay in and eat there, they hand deliver your food and are always checking on you to make sure that everything is top-notch. You can enjoy a book on the shelf or browse the amazing local art hanging on the walls that you can often purchase and take home with you as a great reminder of your pleasurable stay in Kodiak. I love being able to purchase the hand-made Clay pottery cups that a local carefully crafted.

Personally, Java Flats is one of my favorite places to go when I have some time to spare. It is about 13 miles out of town so it is a little bit of a drive, but, I can assure you that the drive is always worth it. They can always help with your dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian and gluten-free meals. I am also always learning of the great way they contribute to the community as well as the environment. Not only do they like to purchase local organic produce/products but they also use eco-friendly cleaners, compostable paper to-go containers/silverware and collect the scrap foods for compost! They deserve an award for all the effort that they put in!

Hopefully this helped you figure out one of the great places in Kodiak to go to. It is definitely a hidden gem and deserves to be recognized more in our community. They work hard and the dedication to the environment really shows!

Visit their website on more information about them and be sure to follow their Facebook page for quick updates!





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