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Membership Spotlight: Baranov Museum

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Kodiak Island is known for their most famous residents—the Kodiak Brown Bear. But, did you know that aside from our wildlife, there is much more to Kodiak than meets the eye? Yes, you can witness whales breech, eagles soar above your head, the lush emerald green that covers the island and the gorgeous scenery that surrounds you, but, did you know that there is history to be told? Kodiak is one of a kind and can leave you wanting to learn more about it.

A great place to start out is at the Baranov Museum. While you’re leaving the Visitor’s Center, just cross the street and you’re there—the while building with the green trim is often hard to miss.  The windows often have a faint glow from the lighting inside that gives it a home-y feel that you can’t get anywhere else. When you walk in, you can tell right away that the building has been standing there most likely longer than you’ve been alive. The walls are the original walls that were built and stuffed with moss for insulation to keep the cold out.

Originally built as a warehouse to store seal and sea otter pelts, it has now become a historic landmark in Kodiak. As the oldest building in Alaska, it now houses many artifacts that show the history of the Russian-American Era on Kodiak. A part of the museum is set up like an Old Russian home and a part of the kitchen is also set up that way as well. It is truly a place to help you go back in time. They also have a gift shop where you can shop around and find some really neat gifts to take back home. 

Scroll down to take a look at some pictures taken at the Baranov Museum. Also, check out their website at

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