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Membership Spotlight: The Rendezvous Bar & Grill

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Membership Spotlight: The Rendezvous Bar & Grill

Have you ever sat down for dinner and thought, “Let’s get out of town!?” Well, I sure have. Yes, you do have 2 options to get dinner out of town, but, if you’re looking for a closer place than the beautiful & long drive out to The Olds River Inn, then the Rendezvous Bar & Grill has got you covered!

I have always heard of their food being absolutely delicious but I never really made my way out there until a few weeks ago when a few friends of mine went out there to play some darts. You walk in and you instantly get that “Alaskan Bar” feeling that feels familiar as you look around at the walls that are covered in signatures that date back from at least 10 years ago with a few of those signatures more recent. To your right, you will find the dart boards and even a nice pool table (where they usually set up the live bands.) To the left, you will find the dining area with the bar sitting directly behind it. The bar area is large, and was covered with friendly locals that greeted the folks entering. You can either choose to join them or you can sit at one of the many tables scattered across the dining area.

I chose to sit at one of the smaller tables located by one of the large windows that lets in a great amount of natural lighting. As I sat there and marveled at the Alaskan art work around the room, the waitress greeted me with a big smile. I recognized her immediately (we graduated high school together and went to school together since we were 11 years old) which made me realize that The Rendezvous  is truly ran by long-time locals and that I probably wouldn’t get this experience anywhere else but on Kodiak Island. After a quick exchange of comical words, we ordered our food. All the fish on the menu is all locally caught so I was very excited about how fresh it was going to be. I ordered the fish (cod) & chips and a cup of what I hear is the best chowder in town, which I was very excited to try out, and started to chat with my friends at the table. There was such a friendly atmosphere that surrounded us and before we knew it, our food was ready and everyone was hungry enough to start chowing down immediately.

I started out with my chowder, since it is made locally with local seafood, and ordered a beer, Alaskan Amber, from their full bar. I thought that the beer that I had was already pretty amazing..until I decided to take a sip from my cup of chowder. When people told me that they had the best chowder in town, I didn’t really think anything of it. But I’m going to tell YOU now that it is literally the best chowder in town and that I highly recommend getting a cup or a bowl every time you stop by there. I finished it way too fast and regretted not ordering more. I got there at last call so, unfortunately, I was not able to order any more. Thankfully, I ordered the fish & chips and started to chow down on that as well. The fish was amazing and definitely went down really well after having their absolutely amazing chowder. The home fries that came with them also came at the perfect crispy/crunchy consistency.

After an exchange of words with my friends, they all thought the same about the food there as well. The dart games that were played were also a lot of fun and everyone seemed to have a really great time. Hopefully you will be able to visit this hidden gem and get to taste some of their amazing food.


Pictured below: fish & chips and their homemade cup of chowder!


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