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Audubon Hiking & Birding Guide – Audubon Hiking Schedule

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Audubon Hiking & Birding Guide – Audubon Hiking Schedule


The Audubon Hiking & Birding Guide is a great map to help you get around to the hiking trails on Kodiak Island. It is waterproof so that you don’t ever have to worry about any of those many rainy days that Kodiak has! On the back, it features some tips and tricks on things that you should watch for while hiking, like plants to avoid touching and one of a kind things to look for. It also contains information on all of the hikes, like, where the trail starts and what to expect when you take that trail.

The Guide is also useful for the Saturdays that the Audubon’s Society does their hikes on Saturdays & Sundays. It is a free hike and you get to tag along with a leader and anyone else in the community that decides to join. You can find their schedule on their website to check and see where they are headed next. You can always check the Community Calendar on the KMXT website as well. What’s really nice about the hiking schedules are that they include difficulty levels for each hike—1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest.


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