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Best Hiking in Kodiak

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It’s no secret that Kodiak is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Lush green forests, rugged peaks, and spectacular wild-life are just a few of nature’s treasures that are abundant in Kodiak. What better a way to soak up all the beauty of the terrain than a good hike! From fun family hikes to challenging mountain treks- there is a trail for everyone!

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park

With several different trails to choose from, you can’t go wrong bringing the kids and dogs to Fort Abercrombie. The park is full of short trails that intersect with each other for tons of options regarding length and difficulty of your hike. Check out the wildflower trail that traces the ocean’s edge for a stunning view of the ocean, luscious wild flowers, and many types of coastal birds. The Lakeside trail runs along Lake Gertrude and is lined with Sitka Spruce trees, World War II Bunkers and (depending on the time of year) declicious berries. Trails are well-maintained and all clearly marked. There is a section where the ocean and Lake Gertrude almost meet—this is an ideal spot for tide-pooling or picnicking (there are picnic tables and fire pits).

Near Island Trails

If you’re looking for somewhere close to town to get in touch with nature, Discover Kodiak recommends the trails on Near Island. Across the Fred Zharoff Memorial Bridge, there are beautiful trails that offer a great getaway with amazing views and photo-ops. North End Park is the first trail you will encounter on Near Island (first parking lot on the left). It’s a trail winding through thick forest and ending up at a beautiful beach with scenic views of the bay, town, and the bridge. This is also a perfect location for tide-pooling and beach-combing. For a longer and slightly more challenging hike, the South End Trail is at the end of Trident Way and takes you on an adventure through forest, across streams (there are bridges of course), to beautiful beaches where you can watch the float planes come and go, and along the cliffs lining the ocean for breath-taking scenery .

Pillar Mountain

Consider hiking Pillar Mountain if you are seeking a hike that will give you elevation gain and wonderful views. The mountain is 1,200 ft in elevation and about 2.5 miles one way. A well-maintained gravel road goes all the way to the top of the mountain for those who would rather drive and appreciate the view from the top. There are several spots along the way where you can park and start your hike up. Stand under one of the massive wind turbines, pick berries, and soak in the views of Chiniak Bay, Kodiak town, and nearby islands.

Old Women’s Mountain

You can find the trail head to Old Women’s Mountain by turning into Aviation Hill (right before the Coast Guard Base) and taking the turn on your immediate left. The Mountain is 1400 Ft. and 3 miles one way. This slightly more challenging hike has several stop points along the way for beautiful views of Chiniak Bay, the Coast Guard base, and the City of Kodiak. At the top there is a beautiful lake, a great place to take a little dip and cool off!

Termination Point

The Termination Point trail starts at the end of White Sands Beach and follows the coastline for a 5 mile loop. The trail is mostly protected by Sitka Spruce Trees, which makes this an excellent choice for a rainy day. There are two beautiful and secluded beaches on the way to Termination Point, as well as epic views of Monashka Bay.

Barometer Mountain

Barometer Mountain is the ideal hike for you if you are looking to challenge yourself. At 2500 Ft elevation, you’re sure to work up a sweat on this trail. Easily Kodiak’s most popular hike, the majestic mountain’s north face overlooks town providing both amazing views of the mountain from town and of town from the mountain. Find the trail head for this 4 mile (roundtrip) hike right after the airport; there is a pull-out on the airport side of the road and the trail head is directly across the street. Once you have walked down the gravel road and started the steep ascent to the North East Ride, you will have a bit of bush-whacking to do. As this is a fairly steep path you will gain elevation quickly and the bushes soon disappear to leave you with breath-taking views.

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