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Events of the Crab Festival

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Events of the Kodiak Crab Festival


Have you ever attended the Kodiak Crab Festival? The Kodiak Crab Festival is one of the biggest experiences in Kodiak that is usually held during the Memorial Day Weekend. There are so many events held that you will surely stay busy and have lots of fun!

Discover Kodiak is also holding an event called the Community Scavenger Hunt. It’s a great family event that you can do with your children. But, don’t forget that you will need a camera so that you can take picture with the items off of the list. You will also need to include Flat Kodi in the pictures so get snapping! We will start handing out packets Thursday morning (26th) so be sure to be the first to complete it and you might be the winner! $5 a team –give us a call for more information 486-4782

The event that the community all looks forward to Saturday morning is the Crab Festival Grand Parade. The parade features over 60 different floats that range from a firetruck filled with firemen to floats of Samoan dancers showcasing their dance routines! You’ll even get to catch some candy or necklaces that the floats will be tossing out to bystanders. The parade will go from Powell Avenue, end at Bartel Avenue and start at 10:00 am. Be sure to get there early so that you can get to a good spot to be able to see the parade.

Because Kodiak is a Coast Guard Community, it wouldn’t be right to not at least have a Coast Guard Search & Rescue demonstration by the Coast Guard themselves! Every year, they perform in the channel with a helicopter and rescue swimmer. They usually have a person swimming in the water for the rescue swimmer to pick up and take to safety. It is an amazing show that will really help showcase the kind of great things that the military does for our island!

Let’s hope you enjoy your stay here and get to go to the amazing events at the Kodiak Crab Festival!


For more information about the Kodiak Crab Festival, visit the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s website!

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