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Membership Spotlight: Kodiak Island Brewing Company

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Membership Spotlight: Kodiak Island Brewing Company


Shopping local is definitely something that Kodiakans like to live by. What better way to help the community and keep it running than by shopping and buying local? Some of the best businesses in Kodiak are local—just like the Kodiak Island Brewing Company.

The Kodiak Island Brewing Company, or as locals call it, the Brewery, was founded in 2003 by their current head honcho, Ben Millstein. It started as a small business within a small space with not much room to have a lot of leg space. Once it became more popular, they were able to move to a bigger building where they are able to expand and really express their love for art and crafting beer. Now that they are in a bigger space with a lot more leg room for customers, I feel like they need an even bigger building because of how much more popularity they’ve gained since they have moved!

The art on the wall changes from month to month as they have different artists of the month. This month, one of the greatest Alaskan artists is featured—Bruce Nelson. His paintings are amazing and they really capture the Alaskan life that we Alaskans live. So what better way to preserve your trip to Kodiak than with a painting from a great Alaskan artist?

Last but not least, their beer. It’s a brewery right? As it is one of the most remote brewing companies in the United States, the beer is just as secluded. Since they do not export their beers, you can’t get their beers anywhere else but in Kodiak! They brew their own unique beers and also distribute to some of our locals restaurants here. My personal favorite is the Imperial Sunshine, which is a hopped up version of one of the local favorites, Liquid Sunshine—which is a “coastal lager” and is light and refreshing. A friend of mine prefers the North Pacific Ale which is amber colored with caramel notes and a touch of roasted malt. They are constantly rotating their beers on tap, so keep a look out for their beers! You can always sample their beers on tap.

You also have the option to bring home a growler or a pig of fresh beer with you. On special occasion, they will have a beer bottled for you ready to take. Don’t forget to take a look at their merchandise that they have available as well. They have everything from a pint glass, mugs, to sweatshirts and sweatpants! Let’s not forget about their coasters and stickers.

Be sure to like them on facebook or to visit their website at


Photo taken from Kodiak Island Brewery's Facebook page

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