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Guest Blog Post: Brenda Castonguay

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Guest Blog Post: Brenda Castonguay

Of course, there are many reasons why you need to come and visit Kodiak, Alaska. There is so much to do when you get here and there are so many reasons to stay. To some, it is about fishing and to others, it might be about the beauty that surrounds you as soon as you arrive. I had a chance to chat with a fellow local that believes the same thing that I went to school with and she shared some information with me about herself and a blog that she wrote about Kodiak.

Brenda Castonguay was born and raised in Kodiak, like many of us here, so she shares some of the same love interests as many of the locals. In particular, she loves the ocean and the breath-taking scenery that you can view from the trails on the island. Often, she will collaborate with the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and volunteer her time with the wildlife of the island. When she is not doing that or working, she is planning her next blog to write on Kodiak about.

Her latest blog post called, “Why You Need to Visit Kodiak, Alaska” is a great read and it really gives us some insight on her thoughts about Kodiak Island. This well-written blog post is interesting and it also includes lots of amazing photos from around the island.

Click on the link below to read her blog post.

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