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Spotlight: John Cannon

Written by: Posted on: December 31, 1969 at 7:00PMPosted in: Main Topic

In these last few weeks, you may have noticed an increased amount of photographs posted on our Facebook page that include aerial panoramic 360 degree angle photos. A few of them included shots above Pillar Mountain, North Sister and Pasagshak. With the overwhelming response of these amazing & interactive photos, we decided to interview the incredible man behind all of this innovative technology.

John Cannon, of Pushka Photography, has been quite interested in photography since he was a young man. It was a minor hobby of his and he was always fascinated with aerial photography. He had been active in school sports growing up, but, photography was something that he had always wanted to get into, but never got around to. With his busy schedule at the fire station, he never had a lot of time to do it since he also spent all of his free time raising his daughter, who has now been off for college. Now that he has some free time, he decided that he would start to photograph the beautiful island that he has resided on now for about 43 years.

Recently, I got to sit down and spend a little bit of time with John to ask him a few questions about his hobby that seems to take social media (Facebook) by storm. If you haven’t already figured out how he takes the breath taking photos, he uses a drone. You may think that John gets paid top dollar for these amazing 360 panoramic aerial photos with the expensive equipment he utilizes, but believe it or not, he likes to share the photos with us because he simply loves to share the phenomenal beauty that Kodiak Island beholds. He started the panoramic photos only a few weeks ago, when Facebook recently upgraded their photography platform but has since then been taking photos as often as his schedule would let him (weather permitting.)

If you have been with us on Facebook for longer than a year, you might have seen his earlier work including his favorite video of the whales out by Narrow Cape. We had posted that video in April of 2015 and it seemed to have gathered tons of attention. How often do you get to see whales from an aerial point of view? Be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up with the videos and photos by John Cannon that we will be posting.

If you are interested in looking at more of John Cannon’s work, be sure to “Like” his photography Facebook page, Pushka Photography at


Here are a few of his works of art:

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