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Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair 2016

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     As August comes to a close, Kodiak will soon start seeing less and less tourists wandering around town and out the road. Kodiak had a relatively good summer with a little more rain/clouds than days of full sun. With September rolling around the corner, we are hoping that the sun will shine a little more--especially during Labor Day weekend.

     Labor Day weekend is much anticipated around Kodiak because that is when our Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair is being held with this year it falling on September 3rd & 4th. Thanks to the fairgrounds, we are able to hold it there every year to enjoy what the community has to offer. As the gates open at noon for both days, you can relish the exhibits, go to the petting zoo, watch teams play rounds of tug o’ war, the RODEO, and participate in more of the festivities! Bring your family down to spend some quality time together.

     My personal favorite thing to do when I am attending the state fair, other than eating the delicious food, is to explore the exhibits. The exhibits & exhibitors seem to progress more and more each year as they improve their skills through comparison & competition. There are so many entries in each of the categories it is amazing to see the unique or overgrown veggies that are laid out or the amazing quilts that seemed to have taken months to create. I tend to gravitate towards the livestock because my son really appreciates animals and loves to see new ones that he had not quite seen before. It is definitely something that makes us leave with a giant smile on our faces.

     Hopefully, you will be in Kodiak around that time and will be able to participate and see some of the amazing things that the community puts together. Their effort really shows with the happy aura that seems to surround the fairgrounds during these two wonderful, fun-filled days.

Flyer for the 2016 Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair


Photo by Marnie Leist

Photo by Stacie Workman


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