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Dining at the Old's River Inn

Written by: Posted on: December 31, 1969 at 7:00PMPosted in: Main Topic

We came in two by two.  Our waitress was patient and kind, repeating the special with each addition of guests to our table. She helped us join another table to ours making more space for us.

Last Saturday we agreed to meet with another couple at The Old’s River Inn Restaurant and Lounge for a late afternoon lunch.  The other couple was looking at a cabin that was for sale in Chiniak. We were returning from a leisurely drive to Pasagshak. We invited another couple to join us by text when we noticed their vehicle, parked near the American River, emptied of ATV’s, although we weren’t sure they would get the text in time.

My spouse and I arrived first. The place was busy but not swamped. We were unable to get a table near the large picture windows so instead chose one near the wall opposite the bar.  The restaurant always appears clean and well cared for. The atmosphere is friendly and easy going, not at all pretentious.

We were greeted right away with menus and a smile. Our waitress brought extra menus and place settings for the second couple who arrived shortly after we did. As we were getting ready to order, the third couple came in fresh, (or perhaps not so fresh), from the trail. Our kind and patient waitress repeated the specials a third time and gave us some more time to decide on our choices while filling our drink orders….all soft drinks so no alcohol reviews this time.

I’m often asked about seafood restaurants in Kodiak, and while we don’t have a seafood restaurant per se, most of the restaurants here serve some seafood. Doing a quick count I saw no less than 19 different seafood dishes on the menu of The Olds River Inn. They also have a good variety of other meat dishes including a rack of lamb, (not often seen in Kodiak), pasta sandwiches and a variety of salads.

We started with Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip appetizer. It was made with snow crab and cream cheese and there was plenty of it to go around. My spouse asked for a bacon cheeseburger with fries, and although it’s not on the menu they took the order without any hesitation. They do a good burger if that’s what you’re craving. Our orders that day were mostly average fare though above average in flavor that I won’t go into detail to describe. The service couldn’t have been any better. Our waitress was friendly, even with our late coming friends who had just returned from the Saltery Cove 4 wheeler trails.

We stopped by to say hi to the owner, Mary Barber, on the way out. She told me they keep a current copy of their menu on their Facebook page at So check out the menu and see if it doesn’t entice you just a little, or maybe a lot. I know I won’t wait so long before my next visit out to the Olds River Inn.

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