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Deep Sea Fishing with Kodiak Island Charters

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  Kodiak Island is right in the middle of some of the best deep sea fishing in the state.  It’s not uncommon to head out and start catching fish 10 to 20 minutes from the dock.  I often tell people, “we don’t fish in Kodiak, we catch”.  In the 30 years I’ve lived here I don’t recall ever coming back to the beach empty handed. 
    I recently had the opportunity to go out with Captain Chris Fiala, owner of Kodiak Island Charters on the U-Rascal. The U-Rascal is a 43 foot vessel that was built specifically for the charter salmon fishing industry, although we did just fine with halibut also. She has a walk around deck allowing plenty of space to move around. The U-Rascal is licensed for up to sixteen passengers but Captain Chris likes to limit it to no more than 8 fishermen at a time. 
    We met up with Captain Chris and his crew members, Rebekah and Mia at 8am. He opted to take us about thirty miles away from the harbor promising the fishing would be good. It wasn’t good, it was phenomenal.   
    The cabin was neat and comfortable.  Licenses were conveniently taken care of on the way out to the fishing grounds. One of our group decided she wasn’t going to fish and didn’t need a license, although that quickly changed once we started fishing.  On the ride out snacks and beverages were provided and midway through the day a satisfying lunch was brought out.  
    We dropped anchor and fishing rods were pulled out, baited and lines lowered 60 feet to the bottom.  Our first stop was for halibut.  No sooner did the first line hit the bottom when there was a cry of “fish on!” Before the other lines could be moved out of the way there was a second fish on and two halibut were brought on board within 15 minutes of starting.  
    The bottom fishing continued to be fabulous. We were catching halibut, all of them keepers, and sculpin. Most of the sculpin were returned to the deep but a couple of them were cut up to be used for bait.  Within a couple hours we were limited out on halibut. The smallest one caught weighed around 35 pounds and the largest weighed in at approximately 100 pounds. 
    Captain Chris pulled up anchor and moved us across the way near a small island.  Rebekah and Mia set up two downriggers to troll for salmon.  Again, before they could finish letting the line down to the preferred fishing depth there were fish on both lines. The fishing was fast and fun. The king salmon were hitting fast and were fun to bring in. We could see king salmon leaping out of the water in the near distance while fishing.  
    I don’t recall ever seeing king salmon hit so consistently. On a good day we usually bring in two or three nice kings.  On the U-Rascal we caught our limit and could have easily brought more in if the limits had allowed for it.  
    We made it back to town around 4 pm and immediately headed over to Island Seafood’s where the iced down catch was unloaded for processing and shipping to anyone who wanted a share of the catch, after which we headed back to the dock.  
    All in all it was a good fishing day with smiles all around. The fishing was every bit as good as promised and the crew was friendly and efficient.  If you would like to fish with Kodiak Island Charters check out their contact info below.
Kodiak  Island Charters
Captain Chris Fiala
Phone: (907) 486-5380
Cell: (907 539-8430

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