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Kodiak's Remote Wilderness Lodge Experience

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Remote Wilderness Lodges

The Kodiak, Alaska remote wilderness lodge experience is the adventurer’s answer to the all-inclusive tropical hotel.  The biggest difference is that tropical hotels provide meals, drinks and lodging while you’re on their property. Wilderness lodges typically do the same thing, but they also provide for most if not all of your activities while you’re staying with them, plus there are no crowds.

There are a variety of lodge types. They can vary from full luxury accommodations with a professional chef on staff to an "out camp" where you stay in tents that are set up for the season with meals being cooked by the camp staff as a part of their duties and many types in between. One type is neither better nor worse than the other; it’s more a matter of personal preference--what would you like to do and experience during your stay.

When planning your remote wilderness lodge experience be aware that not all lodges advertised as wilderness lodges are remote. There are the “roadside wilderness lodges” that, while nice aren’t truly remote. At a Kodiak Island remote lodge you will arrive by air taxi or by boat and most likely won’t see anyone else other than your hosts and other guests of the lodge the whole time you're there.



Activities can include bear viewing, bird watching, hiking, beachcombing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, photography, freshwater fishing, deep sea fishing, hunting and more.  Or you may choose to do your own activities and just enjoy the scenery and the relaxed environment. Staying at a remote lodge will certainly improve your chances of seeing wildlife, possibly right in the yard of the lodge.        


The Service

There as many different types of lodges as there are vacationers. They can vary from high end luxury like resorts to rustic cabins and even tents.  Meals and lodging are usually both provided for. Your hosts typically are folks that are passionate about Alaska and really care about the area and the wildlife here.


What’s Your Passion?

Is your passion, wildlife viewing, photography or whale watching? If you’re into fishing, you can’t do better than at a remote wilderness lodge on Kodiak, whether you’re into deep sea or fresh water fishing. While fishing from rivers and lakes you probably won’t see anyone outside of your party, you won’t be elbow to elbow competing for a limited resource. If you head out to sea you might be surprised at how little time you will spend in transit. Kodiak Island is already in the middle of some of the best fishing grounds in Alaska. Hiking can easily be combined with wildlife viewing, berry picking and photography. Some lodges have kayaks on the premises. The possibilities are numerous. 


How to Decide

People often call Discover Kodiak to ask which wilderness lodge is the best. My advice for those who ask is to write a list of questions then call several lodges and talk with them. Think about what’s important to you. Here are a few things you might inquire about.  If you plan to fish, can it be shipped to your home? How is it packed? How many people do they accommodate at a time? Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time you can stay at the lodge? Will they help you make arrangements to get to the lodge from Kodiak or is transportation to and from Kodiak part of the package? If you’re traveling with children, do they accommodate them? What about special diets or other special needs? What kind of activities can you do if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans? Ask if there are pets on the premesis, if it matters to you.  I’m sure you can come up with more questions.


Kodiak’s Lodges & Links

If you’re considering a wilderness lodge in Alaska you should certainly check out the lodges on Kodiak Island. Kodiak is not on the way to most places in Alaska so you won’t have a large number of other tourists to compete with, meaning lodges here are often more personal with fewer guests at one time compared to some of the larger mainland lodges.

You'll find contact information, website links and email addresses for some of the awesome wilderness lodges available on Kodiak Island and the surrounding area by selecting the link posted below. Don’t forget to write down all the questions you want to ask before contacting them.

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