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Ten Inexpensive Things to do in Kodiak

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“There’s nothing to do.”, we’ve all heard it (or said it) before. I beg to differ. Here are just a few things you can do in and around Kodiak for free or for very little money. I can think of more activities [[library:uploads/resource_library/files]]I could add to the list, I’m sure you can too.


1.      Visit points of interest.

a.      Baranof Museum

b.      Alutiiq Museum

c.       WWII History Museum (summer time)

d.      Maritime Museum (the museum without walls)

e.      Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

f.        Kodiak Fisheries Research Center (aquarium & touch tank)

2.      Walk along the docks

a.      Check out all the cool stuff growing on the pilings just under the water

b.      Watch for sea lions

c.       Look for Deadliest Catch boat

3.      Go on an Audubon hike (summer months)

4.      Go hiking on your own

a.      Purchase an Audubon Hiking and Birding map (great map of hiking trails)

b.      Spend an afternoon hiking and taking in the sights

5.      Biking

a.      Check out the Audubon Hiking & Birding map for some cool trails you can bike on.

b.      Plan a multi-day wilderness biking/camping trip

6.      Beachcombing

a.      Look for tide pool creatures

b.      Hunt for fossils at Fossil Beach

c.       Collect sea glass

d.      Get crafty, use items found while beachcombing

e.      Be a good steward of the land and remove trash from beaches and wild areas

7.      Drive up to Pillar Mountain to take in the view


8.      Go fishing

9.      Cook out

a.      Grill up those tasty fish you just caught

b.      Eat s’mores on the beach

10.  Go bird watching

                              a.      Pick up a birding brochure from The Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center to help you identify birds



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