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Packing Tips for Your Trip to Kodiak

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Kodiak weather can be beautiful warm and sunny then change within a relatively short period becoming foggy, rainy and windy. The packing list below should help keep you covered in any weather.


You’ll want to bring clothing that can be layered, making it possible to remove items if it’s too warm or add items if it becomes too cool. You’ll also want to be prepared for rain; you will be coming to a rain forest after all.

  • Long underwear
  • Wool socks (wool wicks moisture away & dries quickly)
  • Fleece &/or wool outerwear
  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain gear
    • Rain jacket
    • Rain pants if you plan to do any hiking
    • Rain boots
  • Comfy walking/hiking shoes
  • Gloves
  • Beanie cap or scarf
  • Casual outerwear
    • Jeans
    • Hoodie
    • Long & short sleeve tops



  • Camera
    • Rain sleeve for your camera and lenses
  • Binoculars
  • Back pack or tote bag
  • Watch/alarm clock
  • Eye shade for sleeping—if the light bothers you


Items You May Want to Purchase Once You Arrive

These items can be purchased once you arrive, as long as you plan to spend some time in the City of Kodiak. If you’re heading straight out to the wilderness then by all means buy them ahead of time and bring them with you.

  • Insect repellant—if you plan to spend time outdoors
  • Motion Sickness Medication—if you plan to go out on the ocean. A good idea if you think you might be seasick. Not feeling well can quickly robs you of a good time fishing or sightseeing out on the water.
  • Bear spray—if you plan to spend time outdoors away from town without a guide. You most likely won’t need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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