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Planning an Alaska Vacation In - Five Parts

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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while trying to plan a vacation to Alaska you’re not alone. I have put together a five part series to help you get it all together and get the best out of your time.

Part 1:Choosing a Destination(s)

Why do you want to travel?

  • Discuss why you want to travel. Do you want to relax and be carefree, see the sights and visit museums? Are you looking for new adventures to try or is there something specific you want to do? Knowing this may help you decide where you want to go and what you want to do when you arrive.


Make a list of the top 5 activities you want to do in Alaska.

  • Have your fellow travelers do the same thing.


Discuss destinations and activities with your fellow travelers.

  • Have conversations over a period of time (days, weeks or even several months) to talk about different places and activities. Why are they of interest to you? Try to find things that each of you can enjoy. Strive to make it memorable for all your travelling companions.


Consider everyone who will be traveling in your group.

  • Considering others in your group when planning will assure that everyone has a good time. Will you be traveling with children, or someone with a disability? Will elderly people or anyone with mobility issues be going along? What special considerations might you need to plan for? Are there dietary issues to consider?


Research destination costs.

  • Doing an online search will give you an idea of the travel costs to get to your destination(s). Keep an eye out for airline sales.
  • Don’t forget to budget in lodging, food, activities, souvenirs and entry fees.


Choose. Finally, pick your destination. Ideally everyone who will be traveling will agree on a destination. If not you may need to find another way to compromise.

  • If everyone’s top destinations differ then consider everyone’s top activities. Try to choose a destination, or destinations, that can include activities to please the greatest number of people in your group.
  • You may consider taking turns picking destinations each year. If all else fails put the names of all desired destinations on slips of paper and draw one out of a hat.


Contact destination marketing organizations (DMO’s)—visitor information centers or the local chamber of commerce. DMO’s are a wealth of information on the areas they serve. Discover Kodiak Visitor Information Center is the DMO for Kodiak, Alaska. Most areas have one. A local visitor information center or chamber of commerce will send you travel information for the area they serve, usually at no cost to you.

This concludes Part 1: Choosing a Destination. Check back next week for Part 2: Making Travel Arrangements.

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