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Amongst the many outdoor recreational options that are available on Kodiak Island, hiking is a favorite. Both locals and tourists alike can be found wandering the various beautiful trails scattered along the island. It is a truly spectacular way to admire the flora and fauna, wildlife, and challenge your body and mind. Who maintains the trails that so many love and tread on?

Island Trails Network is a local non-profit corporation that has been maintaining our trails since 2006. This organization aims to maintain sustainable trails, waterways and shorelines. This hard-working team engages in trail-rebuilding, re-routing, and environmental restoration. According to the organization, their purposes/goals are as follows:

-Educate the community through volunteer opportunities, training and informational materials about the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of trails and public access.

-Develop and promote stewardship, restoration and maintenance projects for trails.

-Promote safety during trail use through awareness, education and instruction.

-Preserve and improve public access to trails and public resources.

-Create sustainable trail systems throughout the Kodiak archipelago.

-Raise and provide funds for the development, maintenance and promotion of ITN initiatives.

-Commit board and staff resources to ongoing organizational development.


 Island Trails Network is involved in local urban trail development, multi-use trail hardening, and marine debris clean up. Programs that they advocate for include the Kodiak Bike Path program, and encouraging safe routes to school. The organization is also responsible for various educational programs including kayaking safety and many more.

Getting involved with Island Trails Network is a positive and rewarding experience. Many programs are run by volunteers. They have currently opened their doors for daily volunteers. For more information on when and where, view the following link:

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