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Many find the majestic beauty and flow of life in Kodiak to be an artistic inspiration. The Island is perfect for loosing yourself in nature-- or finding yourself in it. Kodiak happens to be home to not only many artists, but also to many authors.

A truly unique living experience, the ways of life and making a living are quite different than that of those living elsewhere. Commercial fishing, outdoor exploration, and wildlife encounters cause for some truly inspirational stories. Explore some of the books published by our local authors—from bear survival stories to commercial fishing experiences, each writer offers us enticing stories inspired by the island they call home.


Leslie Leyland Fields

Leslie is a Kodiak author who has published eight books , a few of them including “Hooked”, “Surviving the Island of Grace”,  and “The Spirit of Food”. Her books touch on life as a fisherman’s wife, summers as a commercial fishing family on Harvester Island, fish stories, and cuisine. She currently runs a writing business called “The Northern Pen”performing manuscript critique, mentoring and editing in all stages of creative, professional, and academic writing. ( Leslie also writes for “Christianity Today”, “Books and Culture” and the “Wordserve Watercooler Blog”. Check out her blog for more book information and an in-depth biography:


Suzanne Bobo

Suzanne Bobo is a local freelance writer and photographer. She often writes articles featured in the Kodiak Daily Mirror (local newspaper). Her book entitled “The Road Going” is a story of the journey of a mother and daughter, learning through downs syndrome, and their triumphs and trials.  Read more information on the book or purchase below:


Sarah Lowen

A fisherman’s wife, mother, and writing teacher at Kodiak College, Sarah Lowen is the author of “Gaining Daylight”. The book centers upon life on Kodiak Island and summers gilnetting out of Amook Island. Sarah shares tales of the different lives she leads between the two places, and finding a balance between them. Visit her website below:


Stacy Studebaker

Long time Kodiak resident Stacy Studebaker has published several books including the popular children’s book “Hey Bear, Ho Bear”, and a field guide to the flowers of the Kodiak and south central areas entitled “Wildflowers and Other Plant Life of the Kodiak Archipelago”. “Hey Bear, Ho Bear” is an illustrated children’s story featuring bears and how we can coexist with them peacefully. “Wildflowers and Other Plant Life on the Kodiak Archipelago” is the first comprehensive field guide to covering the plants/flowers of the region. In the guide she covers 365 species of vascular plants complete with illustrations. Stacy is a musician, artist, and photographer, as well as educator and botanist. Her folk band “Waterbound” wrote and produced an album named “Alaska Animal Tales and Tunes”. Click the link to read more about Stacy, her publications or to purchase products!


R. Keith Rogan

R.Keith Rogan is a Kodiak resident who has published two books, including “A Kodiak Bear Mauling”, and “A Photographic Tour of Kodiak Alaska”.  “A Kodiak Bear Mauling” recounts the bear mauling that the author survived, and touches on information regarding bear biology, habits, and folklore. “A Photographic Tour of Kodiak Alaska” is a book of various types of wildlife photos founds in Kodiak. Find products and a full biography below:

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