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Happy New Year!

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With the start of each new year, the time has come to reflect back upon the past year and create resolutions for the new year.  When creating this year’s resolutions, why not resolve to explore Kodiak’s beautiful Emerald Isle? 

If you are looking for some great ideas, Marty and Marion Owen have compiled the following list which is located on their Galley Gourmet website at      

101 Things To Do in Kodiak
(List compiled by Marty and Marion Owen)

  1. Watch an eagle soar
  2. Walk the docks at St. Herman and St. Paul harbors
  3. Go bear viewing
  4. Find real nautical stuff at Kodiak Marine Supply
  5. Go salmon fishing
  6. Go golfing at Bear Valley Golf Course
  7. See a gray whale skeleton
  8. Go whale watching
  9. Go tide pooling at Fort Abercrombie
  10. Go on an Audubon-sponsored hike(Saturdays and Sundays)
  11. Grab a bucket and go berry picking
  12. Go halibut fishing
  13. Take the kids to the Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium and Touch Tank
  14. Go bird watching
  15. Go skiing
  16. Go ice skating at the covered rink
  17. Rent a 4-wheeler
  18. Go fly fishing on a river
  19. See Kodiak from a sea kayak
  20. Listen to jazz, Friday nights at the Best Western Inn
  21. Fly a kite in a park or at the beach
  22. Sample locally-roasted coffee
  23. Visit a rocket launch site
  24. Learn about glass blowing
  25. Discover Russian and local history at the Baranov Museum
  26. See Native art and artifacts at the Alutiiq Museum
  27. Get your mail cancelled at the post office
  28. You can always go bowling
  29. Sample local, award winning wines
  30. Climb Pillar Mountain
  31. Drive to Fossil Beach to find 15-million year old fossils
  32. Visit the Military History Museum
  33. Participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count
  34. Hike North End Park on Near Island
  35. Play tennis
  36. Look for sea lions in the channel
  37. Pull over at the scenic viewpoint at Dead Man's curve
  38. Visit Kodiak College, the country's most beautiful campus
  39. Check out the A. Holmes Johnson Memorial Library
  40. Visit a real wishing well
  41. Drive out to Anton Larsen Bay
  42. Watch the ferry arrive/depart
  43. Gawk at a cruise ship
  44. Watch a container ship offload groceries
  45. Drive to Chiniak
  46. Attend a Rotary meeting
  47. Attend a Lion's Club meeting
  48. Step inside a Russian Orthodox Church
  49. Discover tea, treats and icons at Monk's Rock Coffee House and Bookstore
  50. Slurp chowder at the Chowder House
  51. Eat world-class sushi at The Old Powerhouse restaurant
  52. Bite a burger at Henry's
  53. Photograph bison in Pasagshak
  54. For kids: First Fridays at the Baranov Museum
  55. Check out KMXT'scommunity calendar
  56. Go flightseeing
  57. See the "Deadliest Catch" boats
  58. Local artists featured at Fly-By Coffee
  59. Pack a picnic lunch
  60. Take home local seafood from Island Seafoods
  61. Count puffins
  62. Learn about organic gardening from Marion Owen
  63. Find fabric and quilting supplies at The Stitchery
  64. Buy yarn, learn how to knit at The Rookeryfiber shop
  65. Sip local brews at Kodiak Island Brewing Co.
  66. Buy fabulous smoked salmon at Kodiak Island Smokehouse
  67. Sweat it out at the friendly Kodiak Athletic Club
  68. Nibble on French pastries at Mill Bay Coffee
  69. Watch boats transiting the Near Island channel
  70. Browse books and local art at the Next Page Bookstore
  71. Have coffee with the harbormaster
  72. Take the Alaska Marine Highway(ferry)
  73. Stay at a remote lodge
  74. Visit petroglyphs
  75. Get married at sea
  76. Have your appendix removed at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center
  77. Get inspired at Strawberry Fields Nursery
  78. Visit a local cemetery
  79. Have lunch at Java Flats
  80. Get your hair cut at the Salvation Army
  81. Find bargains at the Salvation Army thrift store
  82. Find deals at Saturday garage sales
  83. Get sticker shock at Safeway
  84. Romp at a local playground or park
  85. Recycle at Threshold Recycling Center
  86. Pick up a Visitor's Guide at the Visitor's Center
  87. Walk the Near Island Bridge
  88. Shop for cards and gifts at The Treasury
  89. Go on a dinner cruise
  90. Find local art and get framed at Northern Exposure Gallery
  91. Go star gazing
  92. Look for northern lights*
  93. Go deer hunting
  94. Photograph wildflowers
  95. Pick up local fishing tips and gear at Mack's Sport Shop
  96. Stroll or ride on the bike path
  97. Attend the Kodiak Crab Festival
  98. Visit a Native village
  99. Stay at a public use cabin on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
  100. See a movie at the Orpheum Theater
  101. Rent a bike from 58 degrees North

* Hint: To make sure you are awake to look for the northern lights, drink a big glass of water before going to bed!

For additional ideas on how you can explore our beautiful Emerald Isle in the new year, please call the Discover Kodiak staff at 486-4782 or visit with them at 100 Marine Way, Suite 200.   


Owen, M., & Owen, M. (2013). Galley Gourmet Cruises and B&B in Kodiak, Alaska. 101 things to do in Kodiak, Alaska. Retrieved December 31, 2013, from

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