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Just For Kids!

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Planning on coming to Kodiak with kids? You’ll be glad to hear that there are many activities that kids (and adults) can enjoy as well! We have a variety of activities both indoors and out. 

A favorite amongst many kids here is the Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium & Touch Tank center. It’s perfect for kids because they actually get hands on interaction with the creatures in the tank. Some creatures you can find in the touch tank are crab, star fish, sea anemone, shrimp, Kodiak Clams, and many other invertebrates.

The Kodiak Public Library is also a great place for both parents and children. They offer story time for kids, game, and movie time. We also have a few parks that include basketball courts, slide, swings, monkey bars, etc. The library also offers Wi-Fi so while your little one is enjoying you can access the internet.

If your little one is adventurous you can take them on some of the hiking trails, collect shells & beach glass at some of the beaches. There are also many restaurants here that offer great kids menus. The possibilities are endless and all varies for every child’s preference. Whatever your little one decides to do you can almost guarantee that it will also be fun for mom and dad.

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