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Bear Safety

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For the most part Kodiak has very friendly bears mainly because they are well fed as the island is abundant in fish and are used to human encounters. Although our fury friends are friendlier than most it is always good to be educated in bear safety.

Bear Signs to watch for

·         Bear Droppings

·         Paw Tracks

·         A tree or log that has bear hair or claw marks

·         Large dug up areas

If you see any of these signs simply change your course.

The Basic Bear Safety Tips

·         Always stay alert

·         Carry bear pepper spray

·         Be visible & make noise

·         Travel in a large group

·         Store Food Properly

·         Report all bear encounters

Most bear encounters are non-defensive. If the bear sees or doesn’t see you and is moving steadily along his path it’s a non-defensive encounter. If this happens simply just change your course and move away from the bear. If a brown bear makes contact during a defensive encounter play dead! Make sure you lie face down with hands to the side until the bear leaves. If a black bear makes contract during a defensive encounter do not play dead, fight back aggressively punch its face, eyes, or nose. Also fight any bear that attempts to enter your tent. 

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