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Kodiak's Best Beaches

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Best Family Beach
For a “laid-back” atmosphere, Discover Kodiak recommends White Sands Beach in Monoshka Bay. White Sands Beach provides you with a hiking trail called Termination Point, nice white sand for lounging, camping areas (free of charge), and a shooting range within driving distance. White Sands is also dog & kid friendly. A great place for tide-pooling and bbqing; your family is sure to have a good time.

Best Sand
To experience the sand between your toes, try Buskin River Beach. With it's mixture of dark and white sand, the sand is soft yet firm. There is a nice walking trail to one side, and the beach extends around 1/2 a mile. The beach meets the river and opens up to the ocean. A great place for a nice scene and some cozy sand.

Best Beach for Shell Hunters

Fort Abercrombie Park has a great beach for those of you interested in shell hunting. Between its beach and lake area, there is plenty of space to find a great shell for your collection. Fort Abercrombie beach is also a great place to watch the fishing boats sailing in and out as they go on their summer fishing journeys. If you are interested in Fort Abercrombie group tide pooling and seashell adventures, you can find out more information through the State Parks Office 907- 486-6339.

Best Sunset Beach

Mill Bay beach is known for its beautiful sunsets. Equipped with a drive in kind of parking, people often spend hours parked at Mill Bay, watching the tide roll in and out with the sunset. If you go a windy day, sometimes you can even catch surfers!

Best Beach for Surfing

Surfers Beach, located on 3-mile beach in Pasagshak, is known for its great surfing opportunities. We have people from all around Alaska that come over to enjoy our waves. If you are into camping, this is also a great place- many people camp out here for nights at a time trying to get a chance on those Kodiak waves. If you are interested in surfing, or surf watching, this is the place for you.




Most Beautiful Beach

Discover Kodiak nominates Fossil Beach as Kodiak's most beautiful beach. Fossil Beach has fossil in the rock, whales in the water, and a hiking trail with bison close by. You can enjoy all of the above while taking in great views. Fossil Beach is also very kid friendly; bring your picnic gear, volleyball net, or paddle board and enjoy the day!



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