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Taking a drive out to Monashka Bay

Written by: Posted on: December 31, 1969 at 7:00PMPosted in: Main Topic

Now that fall is officially here, the summer season is finally over. With the temperature ranging an average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it may seem like there is not much more to do on the island. Even though bear viewing is coming to a close, there are still more activities to do like taking a drive "out the road", as locals would say. One drive "out the road" would be driving to Monashka Bay, which is about 11.5 miles north out of town to a beach locally known as "White Sands Beach" even though there might not be as much "white sand" as there used to be at one point in time. But, before you get there, you will pass a few things that might be on the list of things to see before leaving the island like Fort Abercrombie State Park, scenic views of the mountains/water, VFW Lodge/RV Park, Pillar Creek Beach, & the Monashka Creek Bridge. At the beach, you can take a hike on Termination Point, a hike that would normally take about 1 1/2 hours. There is also the option of having a picnic as there are benches/picnic tables and even designated BBQ areas. After a full day of driving and hiking, who wouldn't want to have a BBQ? Hopefully the weather will be nice and everyone can enjoy their day "out the road" in Monashka Bay.

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