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Smoked Salmon

Written by: Posted on: December 31, 1969 at 7:00PMPosted in: Main Topic

Smoked Salmon has been around Alaska for thousands of years. The natives of the land would spend all summer catching fish, drying, and smoking salmon to help preserve some food for the harsh winters that were to come. When arriving in Kodiak, be sure to stop by any smokehouse to purchase some smoked salmon! You will enjoy the sweet smoked taste of salmon you cannot find anywhere else that will be perfect for any gathering. Crack open a bottle of wine, cut up some cheese, add smoked salmon and your guests will love it. Turn it in to a smoked salmon cream cheese, pizza, or just eat it plain! To purchase some now, you can contact one of these 3 businesses:


Island Seafoods-

Pickled Willys- (907) 512-2038

Kodiak Island Smokehouse- (907) 486-6455

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