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Driving down the Chiniak Highway to Women’s Bay

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Most people that rent out a vehicle will most likely drive down the Chiniak Highway. It is the longest stretch of road in Kodiak and also offers some of the most amazing views. If driving down the Chiniak Highway to Women’s Bay will be a day trip, start in the morning that way there is more time to “hang out” at the beach, or to hike any trails that will be off of the highway. One of the first things that will be encountered is a pullout for a scenic overlook with an incredible view of the bay and downtown. It will be located about two miles out from downtown. The next that will be encountered will be Boy Scout Lake, which will be a little more than a mile from the first stop. Boy Scout Lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout and there are also some trails that will take the hiker around the lake, and even into some of the old bunkers that are a part of the historic ruins of World War II, as seen at Fort Abercrombie.

About four miles from Boy Scout Lake there will be a turn off one the left to the “Buskin River State Recreation Site” which is a good place to pull over to and take in the beautiful scenery it has.  From the icy cold river to the salty ocean, there is no better place to have a picnic or maybe even camp. The areas include a barbecue pit and picnic tables. There is also a great opportunity to fish, or even to hike on the trails or down the beach. About a half mile after the “Buskin River State Recreation Site” will be the turnoff for Anton Larsen Bay Road, and also the airport right across from that. Literally right after the airport will be the hiking trail to either take an hike up Old Women's Mountain, or up the challenging Barameter Mountain. A little more than a mile after the airport the United States Coast Guard Base, the largest in the United States, will be on the left and can be seen from the road. To access the base, one must obtain a permit to enter.

Three miles after the United States Coast Guard Base will finally be Women’s Bay. There will be the Fairgrounds, rodeo and stock car/motocross track (where local events take place) and many rivers that one will be able to fish in. The beach will also be accessible and is a great place to have a bonfire. A mile down the road will be a grocery store, gas station, and even a coffee shop that will be available for anyone that is out there. There is even a family restaurant/bar (at night) that anyone can go and have a good dinner.

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