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Praznyk 2015 Masquerade Ball!

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Dress up, cover up with a mask and join the fun at a community event at the Sun'Aq Tribe of Kodiak Tribal Hall January 14, 2015 for Russian New Years! The even will start 6:30pm and have the local band Pilot Bread Band live! The Alutiiq dancers will dance at 7:30. $15 per person or $5.00 for children ages 3-12. There will also be masquerade judging so be sure to dress in your best masquerade mask! Dinner will be provided so enjoy the delicious food (be sure to bring a dessert) and enjoy the family atmosphere.


Some background:

Some Alaskan communities, like Kodiak, started "masking" after the Russian Christmas starring and caroling were done. They would go home and dress into their old clothing and any type of mask themselves to conceal their identity. Then, off to the rest of the community to dance, or devil dance, in front of homes to see if the home owners could identify who they were. The maskers that visit homes after starring represent King Harrods’s murderous soldiers searching for the baby Jesus. If the home owners guessed right, then the masked man or woman must give up and go home. They would then clense themselves by attending church, taking a plunge into icy cold water or simply take a banya--a steam bath.

The traditions are no longer practiced within the Kodiak communities but they are celebrated and made into New Years parties as a community event.


Photo provided by the Alutiiq Museum


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