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The Salmon Princess by Mindy Dwyer

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The Salmon Princess


The Salmon Princess by Mindy Dwyer is a children’s story book written by an Alaskan. It is your typical Cinderella story but with a twist—an Alaskan twist. It starts out like any other Cinderella story in a faraway kingdom with a daughter that has to live with a wicked step mother & step siblings. As you read on, you learn that things are not exactly how you would expect. The talented Mindy Dwyer traded in the beautiful blue dress for a shiny dress sewn with soft silver threads and also traded in the glass slippers for “Sitka Slippers.” Taking place in South East Alaska, The Salmon Princess will take you through a journey through cruelty & jealousy and ends with a true fairytale ending! Also illustrated by Mindy Dwyer, there is no way that you cannot see the beauty of this Alaska twisted story.


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