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Which season is the best season to come to Kodiak?

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Many people ask us, "Is summer the best time to come and visit Kodiak?"

Well, it really depends on what you have decided on doing during your stay. Most people want to see the wildlife that roam the island during the summer and some people want to experience the real rugged Alaska weather that comes with living in the state. Here are a few examples for you to help you better understand the uniqueness of each season:


SUMMER: The most popular season to come and visit, it is filled with wildlife and beautiful scenery that you will not see anywhere else. It is a great time to seek the famous Kodiak Bears and catch salmon while river fishing. 

FALL: While the transition from summer to fall makes the weather colder, the scenery starts to change colors and become quite the view. Salmon berries typically start to grow and berry picking becomes more abundant. Fishing starts to die down and spawn and it is a great experience to watch the fish climb back up and down the rivers. 

WINTER: During the winter months, you do not need to stray too far away to enjoy our wildlife. Bald Eagles, Stellar Sea Lions and other creatures can be easily seen while walking through downtown and the boat harbors. One of the benefits to having shorter days and longer nights is being able to watch the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, from your front door. It is also extremely beautiful to stop and stare at the beautiful snow capped mountains. 

SPRING: With most of the summer animals returning, it is a great time to go hiking and birding. You will encounter the overabundance of birds and thee beautiful songs they sing about summer finally returning.

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