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My 3 favorite places on Kodiak

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My 3 favorite places on Kodiak (accessible by the road system)


1. Surfer's Beach: Surfer's Beach, located about 40 miles out of town, is my favorite place on Kodiak. Not only do you get to sit down and watch surfers take on waves, but you get to enjoy the  fresh air and beauty of what's all around you. Another thing I really enjoy about Surfer's Beach is the hour and a half drive that it takes to get out there. 40 miles may not seem like it would take that long, but there are many winds up and down mountains that you will have to go through -- not to mention any potholes that you may run into on your way there. You can either pack some food for a picnic out on the beach or you can make a stop at one of our local restaurants located at the "Y"

2. Fort Abercrombie: Fort Abercrombie, formally known as Fort Greeley, is a great place to take a nice and brisk walk. Surround by the lush and thick forest, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean or the lake in the area. Many of the locals like to spend time there sun bathing on the beach or simply having a barbecue at the lake right behind it. You can also enjoy the great WWII memorabilia that are located all around the park. Bunkers, old cannons and even an ammunition storage bunker turned museum are available to go and view. 

3. Pillar Mountain: At 1,270 feet Pillar Mountain is one of the best places to go sightseeing. You can either take a drive up the 2.5 mile road, or simply take a hike up it. At the top of the mountain you will be able to see downtown Kodiak, the entire Coast Guard Base and as far as Chiniak. You can sit on a nearby rock and watch planes take off/land from the airport or base. Not to mention the six 270 foot high wind mills sitting on the very top! If you turn around, you can also see most of Monashka Bay and Three Sisters Mountain.  

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