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My top 8 favorite things at the 2015 Kodiak Crab Festival

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The Kodiak Crab Festival 2015 is almost here! It is a fantastic festival for the community that is full of fun games, food, and people of all ages! With the MANY things to enjoy during Crab Fest, I have decided to name a few of my favorite things. As a local, my favorite activities change often and I like to encourage other members of the community to try to support every different event. Whether it be eating, participating in an event, or simply just watching an event, there will always be people having fun! Just thinking about the Crab Fest is making me hungry for some King Crab.

1. Community Scavenger Hunt - Run by Discover Kodiak, it is always a fun and great way to spend time with your family. It is personally my favorite activity during Crab Fest because not only will you be running around and enjoying this great island, you will be able to enjoy the people of the community. After all, asking some nice strangers to take your picture with Flat Kodi is a fun way to meet some of the great people that live here. We might not be enjoying a lot of sun during Crab Fest this year but enjoying it during the rain is just as great!

2. Crab Festival Grand Parade - This is also a great way to meet others in the community. It's where everyone gathers around to watch other members of the community show off their artistic floats! You will really get the gist of the different ethnicities that call Kodiak "Home."

3. United States Coast Guard Search & Rescue Demo - I love this demo just because it shows us the kinds of things that our very own Coast Guard community goes through almost everyday to save the lives of our loved ones! Thank you to the United States Coast Guard!

4. FOOD VENDORS - I absolutely LOVE the foods offered in the Crab Festival! Where can you go to buy pork on a stick other than the Crab Fest? Or freshly cooked crab at the ease of ordering it?

5. Norm Holm Memorial Survival Suit Race - An exciting event held during the Crab Fest, the Survival Suit race is MY favorite race! Being able to watch this race from the height of the dock or the comfort of the grass is absolutely amazing! It is so fun to cheer on the contestants.

6. Lion's Arm Wrestling Championships held at Tony's Bar on the Mall - The highest adrenaline activity that Crab Fest has to offer, it is a great event for adults! Either participate or simply just watch these guys battle it out!

7. Kodiak Inn Crab Festival Bed Races - Watch teams -literally- race their beds in their best costumes! It is always fun to cheer them on.

8. Stock Car/Motocross Race - Watch our local racers at the race track out at the Fairgrounds! It's so much fun watching vehicles go through the Mud Bog as well.


I hope you enjoyed this and I hope that you go out to enjoy all of this! There are so many activities that you will surely have fun with and I hope that you will be able to participate in most if not all of them.

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