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Member Spotlight: Kingfisher Aviation

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 Whether it is Bear Viewing, Fishing Drop off, Scenic Flights, or Air Charter Glen & Kyle Eaton at Kingfisher Aviation is at your service! 

Flying for over a decade, Glen & Kyle’s family has had a long history in the aviation industry. Flying Bush Hawk planes that can carry up to 4 passengers or 850 pounds, they offer stunning panoramic views that have the largest windows of any of the float planes on Kodiak Island. For Scenic flights, you have the options of either flying for 1 hour (covering about 1/3 of the island) or flying for 2 hours (covering about 2/3 of the island and includes a water stop in a remote location.) You will be able to see whales, brown bears, and mountain goats from above!  You can also customize your Scenic Flight for Anniversaries, Honeymooners, or even Marriage Proposals.

The Eaton’s started Bear Viewing in 1998 at Frazer Lake, the second largest lake on the island. Their family has a long history with Frazer Lake, with their parents being stationed there for the summers of 1965-1966. Normally, bear viewing in Frazer Lake includes a ¾ mile walk to the viewing area, so remember the right gear, whether it is raining or sunny outside! They also bear view on the Katmai Coast from May to mid-June from the floats of the plane while the bears are on the beach.

With Bear Viewing trips running around 4 hours long, you will be able to do some bear viewing for about 1-2 hours with 2 hours of Scenic Flying on your way to and from your destinations. Ranked #1 in TripAdvisor for “Things to do in Kodiak”, you will surely enjoy your time with them!


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