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Benefits of becoming an Emerald Member!

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Being a part of Discover Kodiak is more than just a pretty piece of public relations and good will. A Discover Kodiak membership is one of the most valuable and most affordable business investments that you can make. We get you exposure and get you connected to over 30,000 visitors each year a plus hundreds more Coast Guard families that relocate to Kodiak Island. With your Active Membership, you will receive TONS of benefits. As an Emerald Member, you will also receive the same benefits but you will receive additional with a discount.

As the discounts pile up as an Emerald Member, so will your business with visitors. With our Visitor Inquiry Label Program, we receive requests from visitors every week from our web site and, based on their interests, you will receive those inquiries for free! You are free to do what you want with the contact information—you can send them an email or you can send them a brochure of your business. It’s up to you! Also on our web site, you will receive the iMap flag, Photo & Narrative for your business for FREE.

For our Visitors Guide, we also offer free listings for our members. As an Emerald Member, you will have an additional narrative with your listing! Not only will your narrative help your listing stand out with additional information, but your listing will be highlighted in a special emerald green square to be even more prominent than ever! Let’s not forget to mention that you will be on our special recognition page with your logo in the Visitors Guide as well as our web site.

Within our Visitors Center, we give out Town Maps that include individually flagged businesses. With the Emerald Membership, you get put on there for free. I know.. how many more free discounts can you receive?  Well, you will also get a free ticket to our annual fundraisers and a free ticket to our annual meeting.

With savings of  over $1,490, you can’t go wrong with an Emerald Membership! Even if you are not a member with Discover Kodiak, you can still sign up and go straight to the Emerald Membership. You will be recognized all over Discover Kodiak and you will receive more inquiries from it! I hope that you will consider moving up. Give us a call or shoot us an email—we appreciate your business!

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