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Destination Wedding in KODIAK!

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Still undecided on whether or not you should plan a destination wedding? Here are the top 6  reasons why Kodiak should be your destination!

1. You'll stand out from the pack. "Your destination is in Alaska, really??" Yes- with the lucious green summers and the beautiful ocean back ground.

2. It's easier.  Don't worry about hiring a florist, we have plenty of wild flowers that will be the perfect match to your colorful theme. 

3. You can save on decor. Pristine beach back drop  and beach glass center peices. 

4. Enjoy quality time with loved ones. Don't worry about trying to say hello to everyone and greeting all of your guests. Take your few loved ones and enjoy the setting.

5. You'll share a locale you love. Family and friends will talk about this experience forever. Leading up to the wedding; plan some boat excursions or wildlife viewing for the whole family.

6. Your honeymoon is at your hands. As soon as the weddings over, hop on a 20 minute flight to a remote destination and enjoy a few nights at a lodge. Remote bear viewing, first-class meals and a fire pit next to the ocean.


Give us a call if you are interested in planning a destination wedding to Kodiak. (907) 486-4782.

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