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Read up about Bear Viewing with SeaHawk Air! For those of you that don't understand how bear viewing works, this is for YOU! 


The there are several factors that make bear viewing a safe activity.  Going bear viewing with an experienced guide who understands bear behavior is an important factor. Bears may be considered unpredictable, but for an experienced guide who can read a bears body language, their behavior is really quite predictable. A bear who needs to be avoided moves very differently than a bear who is just going about his day feeding.  We stay in the open where the bears are not surprised by our sudden appearance.  Our closest bear encounters are not because we are closely approaching the bears, but because the bears approach us. Sows with cubs who are accustomed to being near humans will often nurse near us because the boars are not as comfortable around people, so they don't bother the females and try to attack the cubs.  We are a neutral player because we never let the bears get food from us, and we are not in competition for food.  In many cases we are almost beneath the bears notice like a fox who is not a danger.  While bear viewing, the bears pay much more attention to other bears than they do to humans beacause they need to in order to survive.  The reason our bears are so large is because they are very well fed, You could say fat and happy.  It takes a good food source to bring many bears into an area to feed.

While bear viewing you should expect to you will need to do a little walking.  If you can't walk a mile you should let your guide know at the time of booking your view.  It takes special conditions  when the bears are close to the landing area and is not always possible. Arrive a little early for your flight in order to be fitted in hip boots.  Dress in layers and have a good breakfast before coming.  Rain gear is sometimes neccisary, but if you don't have your own we can loan you some.  We will take you on an hour long scenic flight where you may see whales, sea otters, deer, elk, or mountain goats.  We land at a location either in the Katmai Park on the Alaska Peninsula or on Kodiak Island, depending on feeding conditions for the bears.  We get out of the airplane and view and photograph the bears for 3 hours or so, and we will tell you quite a bit of information about them.  On the hours flight back to Kodiak we serve a big lunch and do more flightseeing.  It almost feels like stepping back into reality when you get off the seaplane on the dock.

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