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Benefits of being a Sapphire Member

Written by: Posted on: December 31, 1969 at 7:00PMPosted in: Main Topic

With tourism growing in Kodiak, so will business. There are over 200 members with Discover Kodiak and you are probably wondering how you can make your business stand out a little more than some of the others. Well, I can tell you that you definitely have different options that you can choose from. It may seem like you will be spending more money than ever—BUT, in order to make money, you have got to spend a little bit of money. The Sapphire Membership is definitely a membership that you will benefit from and beyond.


As a Sapphire Member, you will receive ALL the benefits of being an Active member AND an Emerald member! That means you will receive for free:

-Visitor Inquiry Label Program

-Photo with a narrative

-Logo on all sponsor pages

-Walking Map Flag

-iMap Flag

-Free ticket to Annual meeting and Annual Fundraiser


You will also get your listing highlighted in emerald green as an Emerald Member. But, as a Sapphire Member, you will be highlighted in sapphire blue in the Visitors Guide. Because we do not have very many Sapphire Members, the sapphire blue will stand out more than most of the highlighted listings within the Visitors Guide.


Last but not least, you will be a free 1/6 page ad in the Visitors Guide! Send one in or have us help you create it!

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