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Membership Blog: Kodiak Brown Bear Center

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Bear viewing season at the Kodiak Brown Bear Center is about to be underway.

The Kodiak Brown Bear Center offers a true Alaskan adventure: outstanding bear viewing, without boardwalks or large groups of tourists. A visit to our home at Camp Island on Karluk Lake will leave you with unforgettable memories of your time spent in the heart of Kodiak’s wilderness with the legendary monarchs of our archipelago: the Kodiak brown bear. 


Visitors come from across the globe to experience the KBBC, and we pride ourselves on delivering an unforgettable adventure. It is a busy time at Camp Island as KBBC Manager Ed Ward and his staff are working hard to complete final projects and tasks before the first guests of the season arrive on July 27th.  Ed, along with lead bear guide Jake Fletcher and Graham Stanford, are busy sprucing up the facilities and grounds and putting a shine to the luxury guest cabins.  Head Chef Natasha Panamarioff has made her last big pre-season grocery list and is organizing her pantry, preparing to have a full table of refreshments ready to greet the first arrivals at the KBBC.  The wildflowers are nearing full strength - fireweed, wild geranium, lupine and more.  Fields of color are blooming around camp.

One of the resident foxes that visitors and staff have grown to know over the past several seasons recently debuted the results of her hard work over the winter: a pair of kits!  These little ones have provided countless smiles in the short time since they joined the scene.  Just as exciting is the pair of bald eagles who built a nest by the banya last fall and are now the proud parents of a young eaglet. Guests will be able watch this eaglet grow and take its first flight from the grounds of the KBBC.  Last but not least, we have been seeing a lot of our resident Sitka Black Tail Deer population. Guests will be able to observe deer at all hours of the day wandering the KBBC grounds.

Visit us on our website and view more great photos on our Facebook page, and check us out in the July/August issue of Alaska Magazine on newsstands now!

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