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Member Spotlight: Nautico

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Harbor Tours


A trip to Kodiak is a trip of a lifetime. Whether you are here for a few hours with the ferry, or here for a couple of days, there are always going to be great excursions to go on. You can drive the road system, charter a plane for sightseeing or bear viewing, kayak, hike, or go on a dinner cruise. On a charter boat, you can choose to either go on a sea tour or fishing for a half day or full day. But, did you know that there is a more economical way to be able to enjoy the wildlife and harbors around Kodiak?

Nautico with Captain Jim Sandin is a great way to see much of downtown Kodiak that is inexpensive and fun. Although there is no promise that you will see whales, you are still able to see some puffins, oyster catchers, otters, kittiwakes, and definitely sea lions. On this private tour of up to 6, enjoy the incredible scenery and stories that long-time resident Captain Jim has to share. There is no other place that is as beautiful as Kodiak.

Starting from the Transient Dock (Channel Dock), you will embark on a 1 ½ hour journey around Near Island and to the cliff where the kittiwakes nest. A stop that you will also make is at the sea lion dock located in Dog Bay (St. Herman Harbor). Get up close and personal with these sea lions to the point where you can smell nothing but their breath! Somebody, get them some mouthwash! After visiting the kittiwakes, you will also get to visit the backside of the canneries in cannery row—what you cannot see from the road! It is truly amazing to see how the workers do their jobs and to see how lucky they are to get to have a million dollar view of the ocean every single day that they work.

After going on this tour, you will and your wallet will definitely leave with a giant smile. Even though you did not go on a trip like a sea tour, you will hop off with the feeling that you got to enjoy most of what Kodiak has to offer. The spectacular sights the harbor tour offers are definitely sights you will not be able to enjoy once you return home. 


To book with Nautico, give Jim a call at (907) 654-4653 or give us a call at the office for more information! (907) 486-4782

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