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Your trip to Kodiak—on a Cruise Ship

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There are definitely different ways to get to a certain location when you are either planning a quick getaway, or a prolonged retreat for a temporary home away from home. Either come by plane, boat, or even in style—by Cruise Ship. With Silver Seas, Crystal Cruise Line and Holland America coming to Kodiak, there are definitely different options to choose. The Cruise Ship may not be in Kodiak for very long but there are always excursions open to taking out passengers as well.

When you step foot on Kodiak Island, there is that unmistakable feeling that you have stepped foot in rural Alaska. A few hours might not seem long enough to enjoy everything that Kodiak has to offer, but, it is definitely enough time to go on an amazing unforgettable excursion you can’t do anywhere else. There are museums and gift shops to visit and see, but, unless you are coming back to Kodiak another time, I would recommend really going out and seeing Kodiak.

There are so many options! You can take a sightseeing drive along the Road System with our extremely knowledgeable guides, fishing on the river system with them, or on a short hike. We also have boat charters that can take you fishing and even send your catch back home so that when you arrive home, you have some fresh dinner to cook up! If you aren’t interested in fishing, you still have the option of going on a fantastic sightseeing trip or even hop onto a quick harbor tour around the city. Let’s not forget that you can go for an amazing sightseeing flight with one of our air charter companies. They also offer Bear Viewing, but, that must be prearranged so that they can fit you in. Our bush pilots are great and are unlike all the others!


Don’t worry: All of our tour guides understand that there is a time limit for our Cruise Ship passengers, so don’t worry—They WILL get you back in time to get back on the Cruise Ship with a comfortable amount of time before the ship leaves.

I hope that you will consider going on an excursion and really get to see the real, rugged Alaska.

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