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Restaurant Review: Henry's Great Alaskan Restaurant

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Many of you are still planning your trip to Kodiak, whether it is your first time, your third time, or just returning home after a few years living elsewhere. If it’s your first time, you’re probably wondering what to do and what to see and maybe even what to eat. I’m here to help you find a good place to eat and give you a little bit of a positive restaurant review from an experience I had there on one of the my most favorite restaurants on Kodiak: Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant.

As you sit into a booth in the restaurant section, you can’t help but always notice all the fantastic native art, ancient artifacts, old photos and maps on the wall and past newspaper articles about the place. So, I decided to do some research my last trip there--Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant, or Henry’s, has been around since the late 50’s to early 60’s, not as a restaurant, but a bar called The Beachcomber. In the mid 1980’s and after moving around several times, the LeGrue family settled for a space downtown and renamed their business to Henry’s Sports Café which later turned into Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant. Just by digging through the information that they have on their website, you can find all sorts of interesting reads about how far they have come. Although I was born and raised in Kodiak, I learned probably just as much as you will when you see the clippings of old newspapers on their website.

Since they are a restaurant with a sports bar, they have multiple televisions up with games of different sports and a crowd of customers watching from the bar. The wait staff is incredible; they are so polite and cater to everything I need whether it was an extra napkin or another fork. The host is very gracious and floats around to make sure everyone is happy and that their drinks are filled and also seems to keep the restaurant running smoothly.  I really enjoy the atmosphere he provides along with his fellow employees that are waiting/bussing tables/cooking.

After debating between their nightly specials, exotic meats, pasta and fresh seafood, I finally ordered an Alaskan Amber, which they provide on tap (with over 20 beers on tap!)  from the beautiful bartender, and the Kodiak Island Smokehouse Smoked Salmon appetizer which I received in a timely manner from my cheerful waitress. The smoked salmon was delicious and I could tell it was fresh. The crackers that came with it surely complemented the smoked salmon and it was even enjoyable with my beer. After I quickly devoured everything but the plate, the Grilled Kodiak Scallop Kabob I ordered for dinner shortly followed. It was nothing short of amazing and I was not disappointed. I made sure my side order was their “seasoned fries” and they came crisp and crunchy. I finished my dinner off with the Banana Caramel Cheesecake Xangos and it was the perfect dessert to go with my dinner that night. It had deep fried bananas, vanilla ice cream and was topped off with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

It was a positive experience and every time I return it continues to be a positive experience. I never really knew how long Henry’s had been open until I had done some research and I seem to have a new appreciation for it every time I learn something new. It really helps me appreciate how hard a family can work and how successful they could be if they put their heart into it. I really see the heart when I walk in and see the beautiful art, smiling faces, and fantastic, hardworking employees that really make the place what it is today. Without them, Henry’s would not be the same. 


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