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Hiking North End Park on Near Island

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Hiking North End Park on Near Island


Whether you are an avid hiker, or someone that likes to take the occasional stroll, we have a nice trail that you can take that is located on Near Island.

The trail I will be informing you about is called the North End Park. It is a nice covered trail that winds around the forest and occasionally will give you a glimpse of the channel while fishing boats offload their catch. What I really like about the trail is how well maintained it is. You also will not get lost on such a small island and because the trails are clearly marked. There is also a large wooden map at the beginning of the trail that you can take a look at or take a photo of so that you can later use it to reference the exact location of where you are at.

Eventually you will start running into a few benches that are scattered along the trail and even a platform that you can stop and take a look around. You will have about a 120 degree view of the water and even some homes located in town. As you go down the steps, you will also find another set of stairs that you can go down that will take you directly to the beach below. If you do decide to go down to the beach and to the smaller island located across the beach, be sure to get back before the tide comes up or you’ll have to get wet getting back onto the trail.

In due course, you will also run into the beginning of the trail that will take you to the Fisheries Research Center, or the “Touch Tank.” It is absolutely perfect if you happen to have young children with you or if you are interested in the kinds of creatures that crawl around our beaches and swim in our waters. It is extremely educational and a fun learning experience if you are interested in learning more about our fisheries as well.  

With the walk back to the car not very far at all, you will get to experience a little bit of Kodiak and even get to see some of the beautiful scenery Kodiak has to offer. 

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