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Restaurant Review: The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge

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Restaurant Review: The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge


Kodiak has quite a few restaurants and each one unique to one another. So far, we have talked about Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant and The Old Powerhouse Restaurant—both with a distinctive history that helped make them into what they are today. The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge, located within the Best Western Kodiak Inn, is another restaurant that I will be giving a review on about my recent trip there.

Located down town, The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge is a great place to start off your night. On the weekends, they have a local band called Under The Moose play some great music that brings a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere after a long week after working, or for visitors wanting to have a real Kodiak experience. They offer a beautiful view of St. Paul Harbor and is near museums and local shops. After eating there, you can always just hop over to the nearest bars in the heart of downtown or walk the dock that you spent your entire dinner/lunch staring at.

I recently went to The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge on a Wednesday night, which happened to be $11.00 “Burger & Brew” night. I had never attended this special night simply because I rarely eat out on Wednesdays, but that night I decided to see what the rave was all about. I started off with our brew that came crisp and refreshing on tap and then went ahead and ordered an appetizer. If you don’t know what appetizer to get when you eat there, please trust me when I say this: the Crab & Artichoke Dip was the best appetizer I have ever had. It was served hot and it was sweet and savory and the crunchy grilled baguette could not have complemented the dip any better. I had to stop myself from finishing it so that I could have room for my burger that was coming next. I added some mushrooms to my burger and completely gobbled it all down. It was so perfectly cooked at the right temperature that it retained its moisture and slid down easily and effortlessly. The waitresses were extremely busy but they were sure to keep my water topped off and always made themselves available when I needed them. I only saw smiles which is important especially in a busy and stressful environment. Everyone always forgets to thank the cooks so be sure to praise them for their efforts and outstanding job.

Unfortunately, I was not able to grab any dessert since the large portions had filled me up. Even with all that food, my bill came out to be a little more than $30 (with my generous tip) which is a steal. I had never experienced a night quite as amazing as that night I had there. I have even attended dinner during the weekend with the local band playing and I had thought no other nights could have topped that night but I was wrong.

So the next time you decide that you want to go and eat out, go to The Chartroom Restaurant & Lounge and you will not be disappointed. Even though you might have to wait a few minutes for a table since they are constantly full, it will all be worth it. You’ll leave with the biggest smile on your face as well as a full belly and a wallet that didn’t take a big hit.

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