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Let Us Showcase Our Coastal Flavor!


Kodiak serves a diverse, coastal flavor for travelling foodies. From arguably the best seafood dining in the United States to one of the largest natural ingredient selections around the World that encompasses everything from delectable beach finds to carefully nurtured fruits and vegetables. Visitors are at no lack of choice when it comes to experiencing local flavors.


Kodiak is arguably the seafood capital of the United States and in the running to compete globally. There is so much seafood diversity, it is outstanding; ranging from high class, fine-dining establishments to food trucks selling seafood quesadillas. If you are a true seafood junkie you will appreciate the following regional species that are served fresh to order: King Crab, Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod, Scallops, and more!

Wanting to take some local catch home with you after your visit? Many businesses in Kodiak provide packing, shipping, or smoking services to visitors. If you are really wild, you can try Pickled Willy’s pickled seafood options.


Food Events


Kodiak offers a one-of-a-kind Food Show through Food Services of America. Aimed at local businesses of Kodiak who are interested in exploring their purchasing options, individuals can also 

attend. If you are interested in exploring food cooked throughout the state and what businesses you can find it served at, this is the event for you.

Chocolate Lover’s Fling is held the weekend before Crab Festival at the Harbor Convention Center each year. This event is for all of Kodiak’s chocolate and art lovers. Wine and dine yourself while tasting locally baked and candied goodies. Often times these desserts will feature local Kodiak berries or home-grown ingredients such as Rhubarb. The Chocolate Lover’s Fling also showcases hand crafted fish art from local Kodiak artists during the live auction portion.

Take a dinner cruise! Galley Gourmet of Kodiak provides a dinner cruise/whale watching excursion on their Catamaran boat while cooking you locally caught and grown food items. You cannot find a more truly local experience.


Crab Festival

Kodiak Crab festival is the city’s biggest annual event.


This event features carnival rides, games and close to

 20 local food stands. These food stands serve up great

 regional Kodiak food. The Hawaiian stand features local

 Samoan’s grilled entrees, the Seafood stand features

 Kodiak caught Scallops with wild rice, the local Kingfisher

Swim Club tends to serve up a halibut wrap to die for

 and on the other end, the famous Bruin burgers are served by the

 Kodiak Island Bruins. If you are looking to taste each cultural flavor in the

 Kodiak region, Crab Festival is the spot for you.


Regional Tastes

Kodiak has a one stop local brewery for all your regional beer needs. Kodiak Island Brewing Company has become a blossoming hot spot for Kodiak visitors and locals ( Next time you are visiting Kodiak, stop in the brewery; you might find yourself enjoying a house made brew named after Alaska’s former Governor. You can also try brews such as North Pacific Ale, Liquid Sunshine, Devils Club or Apple Cider. The brewery also provides tours of its facilities. Kodiak brewery beer is available throughout the city at local restaurants if you are feeling the need for more after your tour.

Local Kodiak wine has become quite popular as well. Many residents have begun making wine from local berries. Make sure and stop by Alaska Wilderness Wines while you are in town to pick up your Salmonberry Wine or get some tasters of other local flavors.


Food Trucks

Originally Kodiak operated with one food truck, Martha’s Place. This was the hot spot for Mexican cuisine; burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and much more. Martha was especially famous for her hand made salsa. This salsa was the talk of the town and many locals pleaded for the recipe.

Within months, more carts arrived. Now food trucks in Kodiak are becoming an established food scene for hungry locals and visitors alike. Take your pick from Maria’s shrimp tacos or a fried oreo sandwich from a summer food truck that often appears. Ask local Kodiakan’s for advice – they’re always happy to recommend their favorite dish.


With Kodiak being a community of such diversity, each restaurant throughout the area whether it is Greek, Thai, Mexican, Samoan or American food, will serve a local Kodiak flavor of some sort; wine, fish, aquatic ingredient, or many others.

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