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Octopus in the Outhouse by Stacy Studebaker

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Octopus in the Outhouse!

By Stacy Studebaker    Illustrated by Kay Underwood

“Octopus in the Outhouse!” is another great children’s book written by Stacy Studebaker and illustrated by Kay Underwood. This is the second book by the two and hopefully not the last! My blog post from January 21, 2015 is about her first book called “Hey Bear Ho Bear” if you are interested in reading up on what that book is about. “Octopus in to Outhouse” is about, you guessed it, outhouses around Alaska!

First of all, this book is so articulately written and even follows the same characters from “Hey Bear Ho Bear” Lila Liverwort and Herman the Ermine. Lila Liverwort is a nice young girl with green hair that you get to follow around Alaska to different outhouses and what accompany each outhouse. In the back, you will also find a Naturalist Check List of the plants, birds, mammals and invertebrates that you can find throughout the entire book. It really tests out your observation skills!

In each city around Alaska, the book will highlight a beautiful portion of what that city has to offer, especially the animals that inhabit those areas. With each rhyme and rhythm, you will be able to embark on a journey with Lila Liverwort and Herman the Ermine to lightly grasp at what the folks do for a living or do every single day.  Whether it be smoking salmon or catching salmon, each city is unique from one another.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will be enticed to purchase a copy of “Octopus in the Outhouse” from one of the many local shops that display them. It is a great book and you will not only get to read it to your children, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren or parents, you will be able to learn more about Alaska with every flip of the page.

Give us a call at the office (907) 486-4782 if you are interested in purchasing a copy from us!  

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