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Taking the Alaska Marine Highway System to Kodiak

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Taking the Alaska Marine Highway to/from Kodiak

Many of you may be traveling to Kodiak sometime this coming up summer or the summer after that. There are a few ways to get to Kodiak and one of the better ways to get there is by taking the Alaska Marine Highway System. It is perfect if you have an RV or vehicle with you, lots of children, or some extra time to really enjoy the beauty of Alaska.

The best place to catch the ferry to Kodiak is in Homer. Homer is about 225 miles from Anchorage and offers some of the most unique Alaskan adventures. During the summer, you might be able to get away with taking the ferry all the way from Whittier, about 90 miles from Anchorage. Keep in mind that the ferry will probably make other stops so it will take longer than taking the ferry from Homer. Personally, I have only taken the ferry to Homer, which is perfect, because you can still drive almost anywhere from Homer.

I know some of you are skeptical about hopping on a boat in the middle of Alaska where television shows make it seem almost impossible to stand, but, you have options of when you can take the ferry. There is no set weekly schedule for the two ferries that sail to Kodiak but, with careful planning, you can take the 9 and a half hour ride at night so that you can sleep. Normally, for myself, I like to choose the overnight rides so that I can take a dose of Dramamine and pass out in my room and not feel a single thing. It also feels like I am not losing any traveling time since it is all sleep. I have only taken the ferry during the day once and it was actually quite incredible. We saw whales off in the distance and I also saw the beautiful curves of the mountains that took my breath away. It’s really up to you whether or not you are comfortable with a night or day trip.

During the summer, the space for vehicles is always extremely limited. It is the best time to take an RV over to Kodiak, so a lot of the space on the ferry goes to the early birds or the people with the RV’s. The prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle. Also, be wary of the weather going on in Kodiak; you might have to spend an extra day or two if the weather gets bad. Since the Tustumena is the oldest running ferry in the Alaska Marine Highway System, she tends to need repairs often.

Hopefully this helps you in planning your trip to Kodiak and that you enjoy your ferry ride. Be sure to be fully prepared for the weather that you may face and to make sure that your ride is an enjoyable as possible. If you would like to look at the schedule for the 2 ferries that come to Kodiak, the Tustumena and the Kennicott, go to the Alaska Marine Highway website at or give them a call on the toll free line 1 (800) 642-0066

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