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Activities in Mill Bay Beach

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There are so many activities in Kodiak to enjoy, but, did you know that you can participate in activities that are more relaxing and calming? Personally, I like to sit at the beach and do a little bit of beachcombing at Mill Bay Beach. It’s a nice beach that I can sit down at and relax with the much needed privacy that it can offer.

I like going to Mill Bay Beach because it is so easily accessible and it is family friendly. I like to bring my toddler with me so that he can swim and play in the sand or go tide pooling when the tide goes out.  Generally, I like to sit in the area covered by rocks so that I can gain the privacy that I want but you can sit out closer to the waves if you don’t mind being spotted. The Beach has tons of room for everyone to share.

My favorite activity is to go beachcombing. I always find the most beautiful pieces of sea glass or a crab shell that is completely intact. Where else can you find this that is authentic Alaska or authentic Kodiak? Everyone once in a while, you can find something a little more unique than Kodiak beach glass. At times, our beaches collect Japanese items that were washed away from the Japanese tidal wave. I have found a ton of Japanese items (mostly garbage) but I have seen other things that people collect like old life rings or glass balls. It is simply amazing to see what you can find on the beach.

You can also choose to go swimming the cold water. I, personally, don’t like swimming in cold water but the children seem to love it. I have also seen people surfing if the waves get big enough and scuba dive. When it is low tide, the children can also go tide pooling and look at the little creatures that live in the rocks. You’ll see barnacles, mussels, bull heads, sea anemones, and so much more! I have even seen an octopus sliding around and eating what it could find.

Because we are at the beach, you can still bring a fishing pole. You can catch silvers or pinks in the small creek that is filled with them in the late summer. You can also go birding or simply just sit down on the beach or in your car and watch the sunset. There are so many things that you can do! If you stick around during the winter season, you can even catch the Aurora Borealis dance above the beach! On New Year’s Day, we also hold the annual Polar Bear Plunge there as well.

Hopefully, during your stay in Kodiak, you will choose to visit one of the popular beaches in Kodiak. You will absolutely love the sights and have fun beach combing or simply having a picnic. It might be a little colder than the beaches back at home, but, you will definitely feel the Alaskan summer breeze!

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